All transactions are unique, however, there is a general frame work that must be used in order to structure a transaction for maximum success.

Intake meeting. During the first consultation, we take the opportunity to get to know each other, learn about your business and discuss our services. We will review the financial position of your company and discuss available opportunities. Based on our discussions during the initial consultation, we will make a proposal specifying how we can help your business achieve its goals.

Engagement letter. Once we reach an agreement on the services to be provided, we prepare an engagement letter that formalizes the terms and conditions of our work.

Preparation. This involves developing or enhancing your business plan, financial projections, and financial statements in order to structure a transaction that speaks the language of our institutional partners.

Financing. This stage is the core of our business. Financing involves the following steps:

Identification of potential institutional partners that align with the proposed transaction.

Presentation of an Executive Summary, highlights of a marketing and business strategy, extracts from your financial statements with projections, and how the proposed transaction will be structured.

Negotiations of the potential transaction structure.

Presentation of the Term Sheet. It is important to keep in mind that this document is not legally binding due to special clauses and provisions.

The final step is signing the commitment letter, and then diligently meeting all condition precedents laid out by our institutional partners in order to fund the deal.

Follow-up consulting. After the successful conclusion of a transaction, you are welcome to contact us with questions that may arise.

Mergers & Acquisitions transactions can be very unique and thus require a very tailored approach, contact us for details on our M&A services.

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