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Our clients have utilized our services for financing capital expenditure to complex projects that requires not only capital, but also an in-house CFO. If traditional capital strategies do not meet the needs of your business, we will analyze alternative options for growth and transition needs.

Debt Financing

Our institutional partners across Canada, the U.S. and globally work with us to deliver the best possible solution for your business. Company size, transaction type, location and industry are some of the items we analyze before we determine the most suitable source of capital.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Our company offers tailored advice in both buy-side and and sell-side transactions. We help to identify potential buyers or targets, optimally structure transactions for the best possible outcomes and offer a variety of financing strategies.


Alternative Financing

We advise on a variety of alternative financing options from mezzanine and subordinate debt financing to asset based lending. Our expertise in navigating this complex environment has enabled our clients to execute on their growth and transition strategies.


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